Body treatment
  Duration Pricing
Beautiful back
peeling, herbal steam, cleansing, mask, massage
1 hr (without massage)/1.5 hrs 60/99 EUR
Décolleté massage
peeling, herbal steam, cleansing, mask, massage
40 min 45 EUR
Anti-cellulite treatment
vacuum drainage with anti-cellulite oil (recommended for 5 times with 10 day breaks) 
30 min 40 EUR
with aroma oil of your choice, chakra massage
30 min/60 min 30/60 EUR
Facial lymph-drainage massage Zogan (Asahi)
a Japanese technique for younger looks
35 min 50 EUR
                                                                                                                                  Duration   Pricing
Wedding make-up
wedding make-up/wedding hairstyle including a trial session/wedding guests (make-up & simple hairstyle)
  170/120/60 EUR
Photo shoot make-up
formal styling (make-up & hairstyle)/TV, book, calendar, advertisement (make-up & hairstyle)
  starting at 59 EUR/based on difficulty
Fasching fantasy / cross-dressing make-up
fasching fantasy / cross-dressing (including wig application)
  based on difficulty/120 EUR
Bachelorette party, girls’ night out (with Prosecco of choice)
we will give professional advice about cosmetic care, make-up and hair styling to all the girls
  starting at 50 EUR per person 
Advisory services/training
Individual make-up training including cosmetics/group make-up training (max. 4 persons)
1.5 hrs/2 hrs 99/everyone 79 EUR
Facial treatment
                                                                                                                              Duration Pricing
Pure Relaxation/Traditional Facial Treatment
cleansing, peeling, aroma steam, mask, facial massage, day make-up
1.5 hrs 79 EUR
Business Lady
cleansing, steam, peeling, mask, facial massage, day make-up
1 hr 65 EUR
Treatment for men
cleansing, herbal steam, peeling, soothing mask, facial massage, head massage
1 hr 59 EUR
Cool Teenies
Get rid of annoying pimples! For adolescents below 20
1 hr 45 EUR
Fruit acid peeling 30 min 40 EUR
After Work Treatment
cleansing, herbal steam, enzymatic peeling, ultrasound with hyaluronan/silver, pressure point massage, day make-up
1.5 hrs 89 EUR
Genuine luxury for him and her (Cellcosmet / cellular cosmetics / Switzerland)
                                                                                                                              Duration Pricing
For her-Swiss Deluxe (based on cellular therapy)
youthful glow, intensive reanimation of skin functions (including hand and décolleté treatment)
1.5 hrs 150 EUR
For her-Swiss Relaxing Anti-Stress CellFacial
cellular treatment, makes fatigue and stress go away, provides intense hydration and elasticity for your skin
70 min 120 EUR
For him-Swiss Executive Revitalising CellFacial
exclusive cellular facial treatment genuine revitalization and energy
1.5 hrs 130 EUR
Meder (non-invasive transdermal rejuvenating programs / Switzerland)
                                                                                                                              Duration Pricing
Arma Lift
face lift and neck lift including cleansing, massage, ultrasound (5-10 treatments in 3-8 weeks are recommended)
70 min 120 EUR
Lipo oval
lift of the lower third of the face-double chin (5-10 treatments in 4-8 weeks, 1-2 times per year)
60 min 120 EUR
Myo Fix
an alternative to Botox, works against mimic wrinkles; includes cleansing and ultrasound (5 treatments in 5-7 days, once per month)
80 min 140 EUR
dry skin, wrinkles, sun damage, stress; includes cleansing, massage, ultrasound (5-15 treatments each week)
80 min 120 EUR
therapy for problematic skin; includes cleansing and ultrasound
1.5 hrs 120 EUR
Hand care
                                                                                                                              Duration Pricing
Manicure (men/women) 30 min 25 EUR
Spa manicure
peeling, hand bath, mask, hand massage, nail painting - Vynilux
60 min 35 EUR
CND Shellac including manicure 60 min 40 EUR
Wax/hair removal
                                                                                                                              Duration Pricing
upper lip   10 EUR
chin   5 EUR
armpits   15 EUR
Brazilian waxing   25 EUR
buttocks   20 EUR
lower legs   25 EUR
whole legs   45 EUR
partial back/whole back   25/35 EUR
arms   25 EUR
Hi-Tech instruments
  Duration Pricing
for younger looks
40 min 45 EUR
10 years younger without operation or needle, recommended just as a course of 8-15 treatments
1 hr 115 EUR
Microdermabrasion Skin Jet
works against wrinkles, scars, acne, hyperpigmentation; includes microcrystals, vacuum massage, cleansing and ultrasound
1.5 hrs 115 EUR
Myotherapy la Biocome
lifting of face contours and deep wrinkles with special current that boosts the muscles' volume
30 min 45 EUR
Other treatments                     
                                                                                                                              Duration Pricing
Dying eyelashes and eyebrows   11 EUR for each
Eyebrow forming (wax/ tweezers)   12 EUR
Wimpernwelle (eye opening as done by the stars)   35 EUR
Vial + ultrasound treatment   15 EUR
Hyaluronan mask within a treatment   1 EUR

Card for 5 treatments            10 % discount
Card for 10 treatments          15 % discount


Pamper your closest with the best cosmetic care or give them a make-up training course; starting at 30 € and according to your choice.
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