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Welcome to the website of our studio. We offer diverse cosmetic services and are looking forward to taking care of your face, body, and nails. Our studio relies on popular, high-quality brands and state-of-the-art technology to ensure your looks are perfect and that you’ve had a pleasant time to relax during your stay. We believe you will be satisfied with our services and look forward to your visit!

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In Best for Beauty, you are not only in the hands of the best beauticians; you also experience pleasant and individual care.
I’ve been a customer for over a year now and I am very satisfied. Despite approaching Eliana with problematic skin and pimples, even my skin became nice under her care.
The TAO brand products she offers are the best I’ve ever used, not to mention modestly priced. These products are only available from a single beautician because the producer stresses as much as possible that the proper care line is selected. Of course, a portfolio of other care lines/brands is available; however you’re not pushed to purchase anything.
Those with short eyelashes or those who don’t like spending long hours with eyelash extensions can purchase an effective serum that makes your eyelashes grow longer and thicker; all in a natural way.
Many other services are available, such as hair removal, make-up, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, manicure, etc.
Conclusion: They take care of clients altogether and very well.

Daniela H.
I’ve been visiting Eliana for skin treatment, manicure, and pedicure regularly for over six years. Eliana’s work is very thorough and her massage is a splendid little wellness experience. It’s great that she recommends optimal care programs ranging from treatments to appropriate products with various budgets on mind. I feel in every way great in Eliana’s care and am glad to further recommend the services she offers.

Annabel R., 46, Communication adviser          
This beauty salon really offers all you need – skin treatment, manicure, massages, makeup, hair removal, and treatment with the best Hi-Tech instruments. I have been visiting Best for Beauty for a very long time and I am most satisfied with their professional care and nice, friendly attitude.

Christine L.


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About studio "Best for Beauty"

The Best for Beauty studio is located in Munich, where a team of beauty professionals will take care of you. Everyone will find something to enjoy from the variety of our services – we offer everything from facial treatment, make-up, or nails to body treatment. Professionalism, love for work, friendliness, and adjusting the care to your personal requirements and needs goes without saying. We use the best instruments and exclusive products your skin cannot help but love. Please come visit us to forget about day-to-day stress and to let us pamper you. We’re here for you!